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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Friday, 5 April 2013

Fiona Philipps: Clusters - opening 18th of April at the incubator, MerseyBIO

Much of the inspiration for my artwork comes from medical science. I am influenced by the visual aspects, such as microscopic, diagnostic, and molecular images, as well as descriptions of biological processes, such as bone remodelling, which I found particularly fascinating to read about. I often take such images and increase them to an even greater scale. Although my work is based on extensive research, it evolves quite spontaneously and derives from my own life experiences.

At any time, I am working on a number of different projects, and I enjoy using a variety of media, including ceramics, paper, wire, and textiles. This broad interest allows me to transfer the skills required for one medium to another. By experimenting in this way, I often stumble upon new ideas. I am constantly updating my skills and am presently studying jewellery making, in which I am learning many new techniques which are transferable to other media.

In some of my current work I have been combining paint, print, and textiles.

Article about Fiona's work in Wirral News 

23rd Exhibition at the incubator: Cluster by Wirral artist Fiona Philipps

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

12 working days with 25 artists til Christmas

  Margi Adams - mosaics and framed butterflies from cans,   Sian Bailey -  illustrations, Helen Bennett or HeB Designs - animal illustrations, Mary Bryning - framed topographical embroideries, Theresia Cadwallader - bead jewellery, Helen Chatterton - sumptious home ware and clothing,   Jane Coyle- glass ware, Julie Dodd - artists books and ornaments ,   Jenny Dunlop - enhanced illustrations, Sophie Green - illustrations,   Pam Holstein - mixed media, Paul Irvine - silver jewellery, Sabine Kussmaul - cyanotypes, Marianthi Lainas - photography, Roy Lewis - Candlesticks, Freida McKittrick- baubles, prints and cards, Janine Pinion - watercolours, Mike Rule - turned wooden bowls Brenda Sharp- books and brooches, Roger Sinek - photography, Helen Smith - flowers and vases, Jo Smith - sea glass jewellery,   Patsy Taylor - textiles, Matthew Thomas - photographs,   Lisa Waldman - jewellery    

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Twelve Working days til Christmas

Here are some of the people I have lined up with goodies for you all:-

Roy Lewis – metal candlesticks made from old motorbike parts (NEW)
Freida McKitrick – prints, ornaments, mugs, Christmas cards with her wonderful line drawings of the Liverpool Skyline (contributed to last 2 Christmas shows)
Theresia Cadwallader – pretty bead jewellery (contributed to last 2 Christmas shows)
Helen Smith – flowers & vases made from recycled glass (NEW)
Margi Adams – Butterfly pictures made from embossed cans (NEW)
Brenda Sharp – Exquisite hand made books  (contributed to last 2 Christmas shows)
Julie Dodd – delicate decorations and Sinister books (showed previously in a solo show at MerseyBIO)
Matthew Thomas – photography from his Spectra range (solo show in our 19th exhibition)
Paul Irvine – silver jewellery (shown in our 20th exhibition)
Marianthi Lainas – landscape photography (shown in our 20th exhibition)

Jo Smith – jewellery on little stands made from sea glass (NEW)

Helen Chatterton - cushions made from tweeds and velvets (NEW)
Janine Pinion – prints and  watercolours (NEW)

As usual a proper invitation has to be made as we are a secure building so please email me, if you would like to attend.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sabine Kussmaul: Fragmented Views starting 3rd of October at MerseyBIO

Sabine Kussmaul: Fragmented Views

Sabine's pictures are "physically sandwiched" images, collages happening on different layers - like life that expresses itself on separate levels and in various physical dimensions. 

She draws and stitches on transparent fabric, weaving and threading an image, a network of paths.

Colour comes in on a separate layer, on a canvas on a frame.

Both of these work together, at a distance from each other. 

Some artworks have an extra layer of cut steel.

Sabine is intrigued by the idea that the expressions of life are so manifold in nature: Memories, feelings, scientific data, visual information, , ... are all experienced in different ways  and  the "final picture" of  it (.... What is the "final picture" ... What is the "it" ? ) only exists in the experience of the viewer. 

Sabine trained as a Fashion Designer but soon moved on from the world of fashion to work in illustration and teaching. For three years, she has been exclusively working on her own fine art.

Rather than designing garment shells for the human body, she now explores how visual statements can be made, often referencing architecture, which – similar to garment design, provides an interface between body and environment and creates a home for a viewer's visual experience.

Her exhibition will open on the 3rd of October in MerseyBIO (next to Biosciences building on the University of Liverpool campus) and will come down on the 1st of November. Sadly, the exhibition space is not open to the public and is by invitation only.

To receive an invitation to the opening and networking event, please email