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Friday, 5 April 2013

Fiona Philipps: Clusters - opening 18th of April at the incubator, MerseyBIO

Much of the inspiration for my artwork comes from medical science. I am influenced by the visual aspects, such as microscopic, diagnostic, and molecular images, as well as descriptions of biological processes, such as bone remodelling, which I found particularly fascinating to read about. I often take such images and increase them to an even greater scale. Although my work is based on extensive research, it evolves quite spontaneously and derives from my own life experiences.

At any time, I am working on a number of different projects, and I enjoy using a variety of media, including ceramics, paper, wire, and textiles. This broad interest allows me to transfer the skills required for one medium to another. By experimenting in this way, I often stumble upon new ideas. I am constantly updating my skills and am presently studying jewellery making, in which I am learning many new techniques which are transferable to other media.

In some of my current work I have been combining paint, print, and textiles.

Article about Fiona's work in Wirral News 

23rd Exhibition at the incubator: Cluster by Wirral artist Fiona Philipps