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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Happy Christmas from all the team at 2Bio Ltd

We are proud to support local artist Freida McKitrick by chosing her work for our Christmas card this year.



  2. Thanks for all the support for our last year of exhibitions and I will look forward to seeing you for the next exhibition. We are delighted to show portraits by local photographer Stephanie de Leng of people of Liverpool.
    She started her career in front of the camera, but now prefers to spend her time behind the camera. She is a both a prolific photographer from an artistic point of view but also her skills take her around the world on professional shoots. In her words she is more comfortable capturing the subject rather than being the subject of the photograph herself

    "I was born in Atlanta, Georgia about half a century ago and educated in London, England. I always wanted to write for a living, but became a photo model instead. Then I got too old and switched to the other side of the camera which is a much better place to be."