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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Liverpool Daily Post article

The art in the incubator's current exhibition at MerseyBIO is featured in today's Liverpool Daily Post.

Image by Stephanie de Leng of Dr Rhys Roberts of 2Bio Ltd and Stephanie de Leng with her portrait in the background of local roofer,Eddie. Each of the images in the exhibition include a description of the person behind the image.

"– Eddie Woodchuck, Roofer
His face never fails to cause a reaction. Of all the people in this book, Eddie is the most talked about. In a different life he would have been a successful actor. But as it is, he is a roofer, a damn good one, and what’s more, he is not afraid of risky situations.
In circa 1998 there were some heavy storms in the North and we had quite a number of tiles blow off the roof. Worse, others were on the verge of falling, and I was worried that someone might get hurt. It was a Sunday. I called our then roofing company, Renown Roofing. We don’t do Sundays, the boss said. He had just collected £3000 from me one month before. I explained that the situation was dangerous. He hung up.
So Eddie entered the scene. He does Sundays, when it is important. He gets right in there and does what needs to be done. Even in winds. And if the wind is blowing, and his roll-up goes out, he re-lights it with his blowtorch. I witnessed this through the skylight and two years later asked Eddie to repeat this for the camera. He was a bit perplexed so I added that I needed some roof work done. He came and cleaned out my gutters, and then stood in the garden with his blowtorch and roll ups and I took a few pictures. He was still perplexed. When he saw the results, nothing was clearer, but he accepted a photo (it was free) all the same. His wife took one look at it and said he would not get any women looking like that. No way was she going to put that photo on the wall.
That was a few years ago and I think they may be beginning to come around to my way of looking at things now. " Stephanie de Leng

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