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Thursday, 20 January 2011


Today is the last day of the "Twelve Working Days til Christmas" exhibition at MerseyBIO which was received very well and resulted in quite a number of sales for many of the artists involved.

Thank you very much to all our past exhibitors and extras who contributed to the show. We plan to do the same again next year and make it an annual event.

Our next show in the incubator for starting in February will be a joint exhibition exploring colour from two different but related perspectives. The show is entitled "Complementary Colours".

The modern world around us, is a highly coloured one, with a palette of bright colours made with synthetic dyes. Synthesised dyes in themselves are very beautiful, yet we never see them for what they are. This exhibition exposes these dyes in all their glory from a microscopic perspective from Dr Patrick Druggan of Provexis and the artistic results when used on fabrics from Liverpool artist, Christine Toh.

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