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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Julie Dodd returns to the incubator

I have put up a small exhibition of Julie Dodd's recent work, she had a solo show with us last year called Life in Paper.

"My art practice is based in print, installation work and bookmaking. I usually work with paper, making books from it, printing on it, constructing with it, and recycling old paper to make new.

My work is generally based upon repetition and I focus my ideas on patterns and shapes found within the human body. I'm interested in human life, who we are, physically and emotionally, from how the body is structured to our characteristics and qualities. My obsessive nature compels me to work in multiples and I use it to illustrate how the body repeats functions in order to repair renew and survive, often mimicking life, growth and regeneration. My work is about the processes involved along the way rather than the finished product."

Julie Dodd 2010

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