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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Twelve Working days til Christmas

Here are some of the people I have lined up with goodies for you all:-

Roy Lewis – metal candlesticks made from old motorbike parts (NEW)
Freida McKitrick – prints, ornaments, mugs, Christmas cards with her wonderful line drawings of the Liverpool Skyline (contributed to last 2 Christmas shows)
Theresia Cadwallader – pretty bead jewellery (contributed to last 2 Christmas shows)
Helen Smith – flowers & vases made from recycled glass (NEW)
Margi Adams – Butterfly pictures made from embossed cans (NEW)
Brenda Sharp – Exquisite hand made books  (contributed to last 2 Christmas shows)
Julie Dodd – delicate decorations and Sinister books (showed previously in a solo show at MerseyBIO)
Matthew Thomas – photography from his Spectra range (solo show in our 19th exhibition)
Paul Irvine – silver jewellery (shown in our 20th exhibition)
Marianthi Lainas – landscape photography (shown in our 20th exhibition)

Jo Smith – jewellery on little stands made from sea glass (NEW)

Helen Chatterton - cushions made from tweeds and velvets (NEW)
Janine Pinion – prints and  watercolours (NEW)

As usual a proper invitation has to be made as we are a secure building so please email me, if you would like to attend.

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