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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Christine O'Reilly Wilson: About here

"The Language of Colour

Painting Colour has been my chosen method of artistic self expression for the last ten years or so. Through the language of abstract colour combinations I attempt to evoke a glimpse of past experience. Using translucent paint is a means of allowing the colour to build in intensity while also allowing the previous mark-making to be seen.Working on a large scale allows me to become absorbed into the colour and generates an intuitive response allowing further creative development.

Printmaking formed a large part of my working process throughout my years at University but I never had the same enthusiasm when leaving the easy access to a printing press, upon graduating. Working mostly upon canvas, painting in acrylics employs many aspects of the printing process.

I will pour, splash, sponge and imprint colour onto the surface. Paint is applied to the surface of the canvas and can be scraped, scoured, sponged, wiped away or applied in thick opaque areas to cover over the previous painting. Colour intensity develops within the translucent layers.

With colour I am attempting to convey my own experience of humanity. Using the confines of the stretched canvas as the rigid boundary of my expression I concern myself with colour and the structure of a balanced composition. Over several layers the colour develops intensity and allows me to become absorbed into the colour.

Christine O’Reilly Wilson

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