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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Jane Hughes: About here

Jane Hughes was born and educated in Liverpool, gaining a first class honours degree in Fine Art at Liverpool John Moores University.
Since November 2008, Hughes has been involved in a documentary project at Liverpool Hope University where she has been Artist in Residence. This follows a similar archival project at Liverpool John Moores University.
Hughes’ work has been shown in a number of juried national and international exhibitions. During October/November 2010, a series of her drawings will be featured in an internationally selected exhibition in the Czech Republic.
Hughes’ landscape paintings are all developed from on-site drawing and note making, never using a camera in preference to a much longer engagement with the real experiences of being there.
This may involve moving through, or simply sitting reflectively in the landscape. Sometimes a series of drawings emerges as a finished statement, and at other times they become part of an evolving and reductive process, resulting in acrylic paintings.
Hughes’ paintings concern the purity of the experience, often with all recognisable shapes being stripped away to leave the landscape represented by simple bands of colour.

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